SAP configtool error while connecting to db


OS= Windows 2003

Database = Oracle (Installed only 1 database software & running both SID’s)

SAP version = ECC6.0 EHP4 IDES & EP 7.0

In our dual stack system with 2 different SID’s (ABAP+JAVA). I am not able to start up JAVA instance. JCONTROL dies after some, after reading dev_jcontrol. i found the below error.

Error during start up – Unable to Synchronize Binaries

I have checked Config tool and found that config tool is also not able to connect with database giving this error

“Error while connecting to DB”

i have read system.log in config tool folder and found the below error,

“TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor”

I tried tnsping java<SID> it’s failed.

Then i check the listener.ora and found that there is only 1 entry of ABAP stack port(1526), no entry define of JAVA stack.  I edit the listener.ora & save the JAVA<SID> details with different Port(1527) & create two listener services in services.msc (listener_ABAP<SID>) & (listener_JAVA<SID>) the start the both listener services.

Our both listener services started successfully then we check tnsping java<SID>, it’s succeed.

Now we are able to connect Config tool & we tried to start our SAP system. Now both stack got started without any error.

P.S. note: if any error occurred during start up of listener services or during tnsping please also check once sqlnet.ora & tnsnames.ora in both (ABAP+JAVA) /usr/sap/<SID>/sys/profile/oracle & make changes accordingly.


RFC error when sending logon data in SM59

After system copy or sometimes due to some error RFC didn’t work.  when doing connection test in SM59.  it shows an message:-



Check this SAP note  – 1532825


Solution is to manually delete 2 entries from SECSTORE.

Go to TX secstore

Execute –

You find 2 entries with red traffic light, delete this entries.



Then go to TX se37

Execute the function module RFC_PING

if the system displays an error, execute the function module again, the error message cannot appear a second time.

Now issue is resolved.

Check entries in SM59. it will work now.