Verification of HTTPS connection during upgrade.

Recently we are upgrading our JAVA Portal which is running on DMZ with https protocol enabled.

While starting SUM SP16, it’s started by default http but if SUM detect system is running on https, it’s get converted to https automatically.

We are facing issue while it’s asking for adm credentials. it’s not accepting the credentials & in log file it’s throwing SSLERR_PEER_CERT_UNTRUSTED error. we have checked multiple log files & found that it’s trying to access the system via https protocol.

How to check https connections are working or not before running SUM

SAPCONTROL give you the facility to check the same.

sapcontrol -nr -host -prot NI_HTTPS -function AccessCheck Stop

sapcontrol -nr -host -prot NI_HTTPS -function ParameterValue

Give instance no. & hostname in above fields & run the commands.

The above both commands should return “Access Check” “OK”. if it’s failing with SSLERR_PEER_CERT_UNTRUSTED issue, then SUM will never work. in my case i have tested the above command on my second application server & it works there, i ran the SUM from there & upgrade my portal successfully without any single error.

SAP STMS – Buffer Cleanup automatically while adding transport

If the STMS buffer cleanup automatically after adding transport & you cannot see any TR in STMS_IMPORT screen and the buffer file shows :

#1/_TASK CLITRELESAPUSER EXL W H A I r0 C r1 0 V R G < K T t r5 umodes ASCL20130828182513000 00000PROJECT P033 A # buffer cleaned on 20160824182513

    You can also find the same thing in TP log. it shows cleanup run in last.


    Please cross check that all systems in STMS Path should be on same transport group – (GROUP_SID). Change the same & redistribute it.

Underscore in hostname for SAP system

Recently while working on SOLMAN 7.1 configuration, i faced a very weird situation where satellite system host name contained (_) underscore. however there is no issue with SAP & it’s working fine as expected.

Now the actual problem with SAP host agent, when you start configuring the same in SOLMAN & try to connect, it will throw you a very strange error.

Cannot establish connection with SAP hostagent webservice. Malformed URL: Not a Valid URL, Unexpected Character found*_*

however it’s accepting (-) but not (_) underscore.

i have raised a message to SAP & come up with below note.

2158591 – MalformedURLException from DAA when connecting to SAP Host Agent – Solution Manager 7.10
1817452 – FQDN – underscore in hostname or domain

There is no workaround for the same. you need to rename the system or system copy.

let me know if you have any other solution except system rename or copy.

SAP Table TRBAT contains lock entry: LOCKMARK

Yesterday i found that my auto import job in BW system got hanging & continuously running since half an hour. truck icon was there & in “Import Monitor” status is running. There is no other option for me rather then cancelling the import from Import Monitor – Right Click – Delete Entry.

I did some troubleshooting & found that “RDDIMPDP” job is running & finishing with below warning “Table TRBAT contains lock entry: LOCKMARK“.

While checking the both tables in SE16 “TRBAT” & “TRJOB”. i see old entries are exists over there. This need to be delete for overcome this issue. Entries from these tables can be delete from SM30. I did the same & run again “RDDNEWPP” in Client 000 & Productive Client by DDIC or respective user. This will schedule a new “RDDIMPDP” job.

These steps help me to resolve the issue & auto import job is running fine.

Leave comments if this helps you.

SAPJSF user stuck in update, all DIA process occupied

I have got a problem in SOLMAN 7.1 SP14 where when we did some mass changes in SOLMAN Portal & communication user SAPJSF occupied all the process. No one is able to login into system.


We have tried killing process but it’s not successful.

As per the trace we found below error.

M ***LOG R1H=> ThRollOut, internal ( Roll Out) [thxxmem.c 1708]
M ThGetTransactionId: no transaction id found
M *** ERROR => ThRollOut: rollout with
level=ROLLIN_0,ROLLIN_1,ROLLIN_2, call_hooks=0,
short_roll_out=0, commit_after_roll=0 failed [thxxmem.c 1712]
M *** ERROR => ThRollOut: different uid in tm_adm 25306 and roll -1
[thxxmem.c 1724]
T110/U25306/M0/I0/SAPJSF /PRD-SOLMAN /32 [thxxmem.c
[thxxmem.c 1741]
M *** ERROR => last user rolled in: [thxxmem.c 1744]

*—-> Stack Back Trace <----* 000000000203FAC0 000000014195DA49 0000000003423520 disp+work!DumpStacks [ntstcdbg.c (566)] 000000000203FBC0 000000014028B744 0000000143333F30 disp+work!NTDebugProcess [ntstcdbg.c (400)] 000000000203FBF0 0000000140146570 000007E000013B76 disp+work!CTrcStack [dptstack.c (183)] 000000000203FD40 0000000140100BE0 0000000000000000 disp+work!ThRollOut [thxxmem.c (1747)] 000000000203FDF0 000000014011C693 FFFFFFFFFFFFFF00 disp+work!ThIErrHandle [thxxhead.c (12046)] 000000000203FE50 0000000140030FB9 0000000003423088 disp+work!ThStart [thxxhead.c (1185)] 000000000203FEF0 00000001400010B1 FFFFFFFF00000001 disp+work!DpMain [dpxxdisp.c (1198)] 000000000203FF20 0000000141CAD2F0 0000000002040000 disp+work!nlsui_main [thxxanf.c (80)] 000000000203FF50 000007FF9F4B1842 0000000000000000 disp+work!__tmainCRTStartup [crtexe.c (594)] 000000000203FF80 000007FFA0EEE379 0000000000000000 KERNEL32!BaseThreadInitThunk 000000000203FFD0 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 ntdll!RtlUserThreadStart ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As per SAP there is 1 note for the same. 1885942 - Work process is assigned obsolete request We are running on Kernel 721 SP 600 & this note is not relevant to our patch level but as per SAP we need to below parameter because as of 720.710 or 721.330, premature logoffs are detected in the dispatcher, too. To activate it, you must set the following profile parameter: rdisp/dp_check_logoff = 1 So even if you are on PL600 the parameter rdisp/dp_check_logoff = 1 needs to be set manually to your default or instance profile.

SAP Charm Activation issues

Recently some issues has been occurred while working on Charm project creation in solar_project_admin in Solution Manager 7.1

After Activating Change Request Management in System Landscape — Change Management.

Click Refresh – then click Check – Below errors occurred

Error in Red: Domain check found differences

Cause: Difference in definition of Local Domain info & Solution Manager Domain info

Solution: Check the TMS domain in SLD for affected system, it’s showing wrong. go to ABAP system & trigger the latest System DATA to SLD(RZ70). LMDB will fetch the data from SLD then re run the check. issue will be resolved.

Error in Red: Error getting configuration of system

Cause: Related to RFC authorization

Solution: it’s not reading the data from SM_SYSTEM_TMW RFC. Check the authorization of that user SMTMSID in manage system & assign S_RFC role.

Check SAP note – 2225348 – ChaRM check Error getting the Configuration for System

P.S. note: Once you fix the RFC, you need to restart the tx solar_project_admin & click on project & again click on Refresh then check button to verify it should work.

Error in Yellow: TMS check not possible. Project **** not completely configured for QGM

Cause: QGM not configured.

Solution: Ignore the error if you are working on project only for Charm Activation.

Error in Red: CTS Service plug-in not installed in system or cCTS plugin status cannot be retrieved from SID. See Note 1688276

Cause: Parameters not updated in STMS or domain link issue.

Solution: There are different solution for this error, in my case. i have deleted & recreated domain link from Solman to STMS domain controller & update the required Parameters in STMS – Systems — Transport Tool. Redistribute the changes.

BW : RSA1 : You Can Only work in Client 001

Sometimes after system refresh with a different target client, below error has been occurred. This error occurred due to “BWMANDT” value of “RSADMINA” table in BW system where client has been defined.

Please change the same below:
i_mandt – Target Client Value

Now client has been change as desired.

After changing the client when you again open the RSA1, you will see the below error.

“Logical System name has been changed for this system”

This error occurred as we have different logical system entry in “RSBASIDOC” table.

Deleting wrong logical system name.


I_LOGSYS – wrong logical system name


Now open RSA1. it will start & show the POPUP of Data replication or Activation.

SAP Sybase ASE installation issue

While working on NW 7.40 installation on SAP Sybase, I found very weird issue where sapinst was not able to complete the step “Configuration of database components”

Solution: Please check the size of mount point /Sybase/SID. That should be around 8 GB free.

During installation of NW components Sybase also install TEMP DB which resides on /Sybase/SID mount point.

As per your requirement, please change the default size of temp DB in sapinst screen but make sure that your mount point /Sybase/SID should be enough to handle the same as other logs & temp file also save there.

SAP Sybase ASE Start / Stop Server Commands

While working on Installation of SAP Netweaver 7.40 on SYBASE DB ASE 16 PL5 on Linux OS, i have faced multiple errors. i thought it should be worth sharing to you all.

Mount Point requirement.


Sybase store all the database related binaries on /sybase/(SID) mount point. This mount point should be big enough to handle all the temp DB device, log data, log device, sybtemp, saptemp & other log files. Minimum – 20 GB, during installation it will ask you multiple inputs.

sapdata_1 & sapdata_2 – depends on your DB size. minimum – 150 GB each

saplog_1 – depends on log size. minimum – 100 GB

During installation, i stuck on database configuration & other steps, where i need to stop & start the SYBASE DB, there are 2 ways to perform the same (may be more) as i aware.

1. SYBASE Control Center
2. isql

I was working on isql to start stop my DB. (Please note once SAP installed successfully, “sa” user will lock automatically & only “sapsa” user will login. if you want to use “sa” user you need to unlock the same from isql command.

it’s recommended to start / stop DB from sap command only. (startsap DB / stopsap DB)

But if you have only installed Sybase DB so here is the way to start & stop through isql. here “sa” user will work because we have not installed SAP yet.

Stopping the SYBASE DB in Linux.

isql -Usa -Ppassword -S DBSID
2> shutdown
3> go

the above command will stop the SYBASE server & show the below output. now you cannot login into isql as server is down.
Msg 2812, Level 16, State 5:
Server ‘SID’, Line 1:
Stored procedure ‘help’ not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help to
check whether the object exists (sp_help may produce lots of output).
Server SHUTDOWN by request.
ASE is terminating this process.
ct_results(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Library operation terminated due to disconnect

Starting the SYBASE DB in Linux

for starting you need to go install folder, that install folder is in your SYBASE_HOME. usually at below location.


once you trigger the above command, SYBASE DB will start successfully & you can verify the process.

In Windows you can stop/start SYBASE DB by Windows Services.