Recently we have configured HTTPS in our SAP system. After configuring the same our NWBC portal is not working with HTTP, whenever we open portal, it tries forwarding HTTP to HTTPS & give us error. We don’t have self certificate installed for HTTPS as we are using HTTPS for third party communication. All other traffic on https are blocked. No user is able to open NWBC.

for permanent solution of NWBC to use only HTTP, change as below:

SICF — Search for NWBC

Double click on NWBC

Go to Error Pages Tab

Click on Configuration

Change – Action During Logon

Select Protocol – Do No Switch

Click on Save – It will ask for transport. You can forward the same settings to further systems.

Now when you open again NWBC, it will not switch from HTTP to HTTPS.


Verification of HTTPS connection during upgrade.

Recently we are upgrading our JAVA Portal which is running on DMZ with https protocol enabled.

While starting SUM SP16, it’s started by default http but if SUM detect system is running on https, it’s get converted to https automatically.

We are facing issue while it’s asking for adm credentials. it’s not accepting the credentials & in log file it’s throwing SSLERR_PEER_CERT_UNTRUSTED error. we have checked multiple log files & found that it’s trying to access the system via https protocol.

How to check https connections are working or not before running SUM

SAPCONTROL give you the facility to check the same.

sapcontrol -nr -host -prot NI_HTTPS -function AccessCheck Stop

sapcontrol -nr -host -prot NI_HTTPS -function ParameterValue

Give instance no. & hostname in above fields & run the commands.

The above both commands should return “Access Check” “OK”. if it’s failing with SSLERR_PEER_CERT_UNTRUSTED issue, then SUM will never work. in my case i have tested the above command on my second application server & it works there, i ran the SUM from there & upgrade my portal successfully without any single error.