SAP Line Opener Program – LOP for SAP Remote Access Support

Hello All,

Going through some of my old stuff, i found interesting tool of SAP which is called Line Opener Program, it’s use to open R/3 connection to your SAP system for SAP Remote Access Support, I have collected some details with the help of SAP documentation & Note –

1. What is LOP(Line Opener Program)

Line Opener (LOP) is a standalone program which integrated directly into Solution Manager 7.1 SP13 onwards with below Key features

Key features are:

LOP runs as a program on the ABAP stack of the Solution Manager.
It can be started automatically during system start-up.
It can be scheduled to run as a batch job.


SAP can access a system at customer side faster and even in times (e.g. night times or weekends) when it is difficult to reach contact persons at customer side or in case of serious problems.

Communication costs can be reduced (e.g. when using an ISDN connection) as the network connection is only opened for the time needed.

Customers can allow Semi Automatic Opening on system level for each system.
Every time a service connection is opened, you are informed via email and the action is stored in the log book.

2. How it works

LOP uses https-requests to check periodically whether an opening request for one of your systems exists in SAP Service Marketplace. If an appropriate request is found the LOP opens the corresponding network connection between your SAProuter and SAP.

3. Implementations Steps

To successfully set up and run the Line Opener Program some prerequisites must be fulfilled.

Import SSL Certificate in Solution Manager as per Note – 797124

Create RFC Destination(HTTP Connection to External Server) & assign S user ID in RFC for communication

Configure AI_SC_LINE_OPENER program to run in batch mode

Perform SAO(Semi Automatic Opening) setup in SMP(SAP Market Place) for each system

4. Mail Confirmation – When SAP open connection directly (LOP configured)

5. Challenge

R/3 connection can open directly by SAP but for other connections (HTTP/WTS etc) requires manual intervention

Security team manage credentials for system manually

Background Job should be running continuously & if cancel should schedule again to check for opening connection.

For Detailed Steps please follow below documentation from SAP –

SAP BDLS failing – Syntax Error in Program SAPLRSSTATMAN

Hi All,

During recent System Refresh, we have faced issue in SAP – Global Batch Trace System where BDLS for Logical System Conversion is failing with Syntax Error in table “/BI0/SREQUID”.

According to SAP, this issue is capture on SAP Note – 2133885.

for successful BDLS run (Logical System Conversion), we have implemented above note by SNOTE(no manual steps) on the system & re run BDLS again.

SAP Mass Changes to Step User of Background Jobs

Hi All,

Recently after the System Refresh activity we have came across the situation where most of the background jobs are failing as step user is not exists in quality/pre prod, multiple users defined hundreds of jobs in the system where some of the jobs requires to be continue on the system & some can be delete.

Manually changing the step user ID of these hundreds of jobs is time taken process & there will be a chance of mistake, for this type of situation there is a good report “SA38 – BTC_MASS_JOB_CHANGE” which can perform this task in a very simple way. This report can perform the Single/Mass job change on the system including owner/step user.

SAP Missing Excel Templates while exporting

Recently we are facing issue while exporting in excel format.

It’s throwing below error.

Solution – Run Report in SA38 – BCALV_BDS_IMPORT_SAP_TEMPLATE in DIALOG mode.

The above report will not ask any input & complete in seconds.

Then try again to export the same contents in excel, you will receive an error first time but next time it will solve & export the contents in excel successfully.

SAP Java Portal change password through Telnet

I am working on SAP Java Portal upgrade from NW 7.3 to 7.4. While SUM enter in execution phase, security team changed the credentials of “Administrator”. due to this upgrade got stuck & i am not able to change password back to same in Portal.

I performed the same through telnet by following below method. before performing this i change UME parameter in config tool & restart the cluster.

Change minimum length of password – 4
Keep password history – 3

telnet localhost 50008

Enter user name
enter current password

Type – add user
enter current password — click Enter

enter user – Administrator
enter new password
confirm new password

Now you can set same password what you have given during Configuration Phase in SUM & continue to upgrade.

Let me know if this works for you.

Z programs behaving like SAP Program after changing the domain controller

After changing the Domain Controller, if your Customize Programs (z) behave like SAP Program, please follow below steps to change the same.

Z programs behaving like SAP Program after changing the domain controller
( ED1 –> EX1)

Need to switch off the Assistant

SA38 – Program – Edit – Modification Operations – Switch off Assistant


Recently we have configured HTTPS in our SAP system. After configuring the same our NWBC portal is not working with HTTP, whenever we open portal, it tries forwarding HTTP to HTTPS & give us error. We don’t have self certificate installed for HTTPS as we are using HTTPS for third party communication. All other traffic on https are blocked. No user is able to open NWBC.

for permanent solution of NWBC to use only HTTP, change as below:

SICF — Search for NWBC

Double click on NWBC

Go to Error Pages Tab

Click on Configuration

Change – Action During Logon

Select Protocol – Do No Switch

Click on Save – It will ask for transport. You can forward the same settings to further systems.

Now when you open again NWBC, it will not switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

Unlock TMSADM user automatically in SAP

While working on STMS, mostly users faced issue that TMSADM user lock continuously in 000 client. Due to this RFC’s stop working & STMS_IMPORT screen is also asking password multiple time.

for coming out from this situation we have developed 1 customise report for unlocking TMSADM automatically.

1. Create 1 report in SE38 (paste the below content) & save it as executable program.
2. Schedule 1 job in SM36 to run every 5 min in 000 client.

Let me know if you face any difficulty or share you comments.


TABLES: usr02.

l_t_usr02 TYPE TABLE OF usr02,
l_s_usr02 TYPE usr02.

CLEAR: l_t_usr02.
bname = ‘TMSADM’ and
uflag in (’64’, ‘128’).

IF l_t_usr02 IS INITIAL.
MESSAGE s306(rsec).

UFLAG = ‘0’
bname = ‘TMSADM’ AND
uflag in (’64’, ‘128’).



Verification of HTTPS connection during upgrade.

Recently we are upgrading our JAVA Portal which is running on DMZ with https protocol enabled.

While starting SUM SP16, it’s started by default http but if SUM detect system is running on https, it’s get converted to https automatically.

We are facing issue while it’s asking for adm credentials. it’s not accepting the credentials & in log file it’s throwing SSLERR_PEER_CERT_UNTRUSTED error. we have checked multiple log files & found that it’s trying to access the system via https protocol.

How to check https connections are working or not before running SUM

SAPCONTROL give you the facility to check the same.

sapcontrol -nr -host -prot NI_HTTPS -function AccessCheck Stop

sapcontrol -nr -host -prot NI_HTTPS -function ParameterValue

Give instance no. & hostname in above fields & run the commands.

The above both commands should return “Access Check” “OK”. if it’s failing with SSLERR_PEER_CERT_UNTRUSTED issue, then SUM will never work. in my case i have tested the above command on my second application server & it works there, i ran the SUM from there & upgrade my portal successfully without any single error.