Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1 to 7.1 Upgrade- Windows/Oracle

Recently we have done a Solman 7.0 EHP 1 to Solman 7.1 Upgrade.

Source Details: – Windows 2003, Oracle & Solman 7 EHP1  ST28

Target Details: – Windows 2003, Oracle & Solman 7.1 SPS 5

Before Upgrade to Solman 7.1, it’s always recommended that you go through all the prerequisite, upgrade guide, upgrade notes, sizing document & install & upgrade planner.

Solman 7.1 requires lot of pre – upgrade steps to be completed before upgrade, as it’s require more RAM, Page file & also requires  SAP parameters value updates etc.

During Pre upgrade steps we have stuck in one phase as RCA is not working in Solman_Workcenter. To reactivate RCA we need to update the ABAP+JAVA support packages to latest level. We calculated the STACK.XML of ABAP+JAVA support packs & upgrade our Solman 7.0 EHP1 to ST 28 level. Also update the Java support packs through JSPM.

I can’t write the whole upgrade process & technical activity in this post. if you require any help or stuck in any phase during upgrade, you can contact me.

Solman Upgrade requires SOLMANUP tool for upgrade & it requires below space in your file system.

Solmanup & DIR_TRANS 20GB free space
Database 50GB free space


Important SAP notes.

Additional Information about upgrade to 7.1 1462137
Oracle Database specific to this upgrade 819655
Keyword for Upgrade 1462137
Known problems with Support Packages in SAP NW 7.0x AS ABAP 822379
Supplements to Solution Manager 7.1 1577909
SAP products are supported by your SAP Solution Manager version. 1010428
Profile parameters for Solution Manager 7.1 SP Stack 1 (Mandatory) 1582842
Use of virtual TCP/IP host names 1624061
Minimum support package level in source release 394616

Media List.

SAP KERNEL DVD 51042616_8
JAVA DVD 51042609
ORACLE DVD 64 BIT (Optional) 51041033
SAP Cryptographic library$Exception: (103), RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE in SAP

We have done a system copy of Solman 7 Ehp 1.0 in our landscape to do some task. We followed the guide Homogenous System Copy for the same & choose Standard Installation.

We have done the system copy with new SID.

If you want to use this copied system as your source system then Solman required a lot of post processing steps as there is an details of managed systems in SMSY.

below some remembered steps that need to check after system copy. may be i have forgotten something…..

1. solman_setup – reconfiguraiton.

2. SM59 – delete the source and create new.

3. SAPSLDAPI – delete the old source system details and create new details in visual admin.

4. SLDAPICUST – Check username and password.

5. SLDCHECK –  Check SLD working correctly.

6. SMSY –  Check ABAP and SLD connectivity after creating new managed system.

7. Maintenance Optimizer – Check Maintenance Transaction is working and locating to correct hostname.

8. SLD Configuration – Configure SLD and check locating to correct hostname.

For Upgrade Planning of our Current Solman 7.01 to 7.1, we need to create our system in SMSY. we received a below error in SMSY, After creating a self SOLMAN system(new SID) in SMSY, while saving it  failed with internal error with below dump in ST22.

RFC state: ” “
CPI-C error text: “Server repository could not create function template for
 ‘FM_DIAGLS_NOTIFY_JAVA’ caused by:$Exception: (103) “

we also read the same details in dev_jtrfc and find RFC_ERROR.

we searched & find that SMSY is not able to read the java system details and get failed in this step.  we crosschecked SLDCHECK & SLDAPICUST, all are working fine.

Correct solution in our case. (Hostname is wrong in SLD parameters)

1. Open SLD (http://hostname:port/sld)

2. Login via j2ee_admin or equivalent privileges user.

3. Go to Administration – Profile Parameters

4. Choose Server Settings.

5. Check Object Server name..

In our case Object server pointing to our OLD source system, we change it our new system then re run our Landscape Fetch job.

now the job is successful and we get the all details of our new SOLMAN system in SMSY.