SAP ITSM Text Determination Procedure & Copy Control

Recently while working on Charm Project, there is a requirement from client where we need to add some extra Text fields in “Request for Change” screen. We have added some Z fields & these all fields need to display in “Urgent Change” as Text Log while following up from the same screen.

Request for Change Extra Text Determination Z fields:
Request for Change Text Determination

After filling up all the entries you want to display these details in Urgent Change as Text Log. I have created 1 more Text field(Requirement) in Urgent Change & copy all text from RFC under that.

Below is the procedure:

Choose Define Text Objects & Text Types

Click Change

Double click on CRM_ORDERH


Create New Field


Below are the Text ID (creation of Text ID’s are common & you can assign as per your requirement)


save the same & capture in TR.

    Text ID is created & now assigning in Urgent Connection transaction.



Select CRM_ORDERH & Dobule click on “Definition of Procedure”


now enter manually by selecting ZMHF0001 (Urgent Change Connection)


below screen will appear

Add new entry “Requirement” & set sequence as per your requirement.



save & capture in TR.

Also verify the same in CRM UI. (Urgent for Change)


Now configuring copy all text values of “request for change” to “Urgent Change”. All values will be copied in requirement tab only.


Select below ZMCR – ZMHF (Maintenance Project) & double click on “Text ID Mapping”


click on New Entries

now add values here (Source to Target)
Z08(Requirement) — Target

save in TR.

Now create New request for change in UI & insert scope Urgent Change. Fill all the entries & & check all values should be visible in Urgent Change.


Share your comments & feedback.

ITSM: How to block unwanted Transaction Type

if you are getting below screen in ITSM while clicking on Create Incident / Service Request & you want to block unwanted transaction type (SMIN).



You can go To SPRO – SAP Solution Manager – Capabilities – IT Service Management – Transactions – Define Transaction Type

Find the SMIN & make it inactive. while saving it will ask you TR number, you can also forward the same to further systems.


Underscore in hostname for SAP system

Recently while working on SOLMAN 7.1 configuration, i faced a very weird situation where satellite system host name contained (_) underscore. however there is no issue with SAP & it’s working fine as expected.

Now the actual problem with SAP host agent, when you start configuring the same in SOLMAN & try to connect, it will throw you a very strange error.

Cannot establish connection with SAP hostagent webservice. Malformed URL: Not a Valid URL, Unexpected Character found*_*

however it’s accepting (-) but not (_) underscore.

i have raised a message to SAP & come up with below note.

2158591 – MalformedURLException from DAA when connecting to SAP Host Agent – Solution Manager 7.10
1817452 – FQDN – underscore in hostname or domain

There is no workaround for the same. you need to rename the system or system copy.

let me know if you have any other solution except system rename or copy.

Solman Alerts Downtime Management during Planned Activity

Login to Solman by solman_admin & run solman_workcenter

Go to – Technical Administration – Work mode Management


Select filter — Type System name (PQS)

Click on – Work mode management – start embedded



Select PQS as below – you will see below option.

Click on schedule work mode



It will open another screen. Fill the details & save.


Now when you refresh the solman screen you can see 1 active entry below.


This downtime will automatically disable once given time is finished & Alerts resume automatically.

Service Desk & ChaRM Configuration.

Recently i am working with Service Desk & ChaRM(Change Request Management) configuration in SOLMAN.

Service Desk is easy to configure rather then ChaRM. I have completed my Service Desk configuration successfully & it’s working smoothly. Here i will not provide any steps due to it’s a very long configuration, however if you required the configuration steps, you can mail me directly at my adil(at)

ChaRM is little bit difficult to configure. I didn’t find any standard configuration document in SAP service market place then i searched on SDN and find some different docs, compiled that docs & create a single document to work around. i have completed almost all steps which required in ChaRM but still i am stuck while creating Change Request to add in Maintenance Cycle. When i will completed, i will update my blog and will share a doc of fully configured ChaRM Configuration.