Create Dummy Project for local transport

We have CHARM implemented in our landscape & all the local creation of TR’s are prohibited as per policy. During upgrade of Solution Manager 7.2 it’s asking for perform some change in Shadow System. Change is Shadow System asking TR & which we are not able to save as LOCAL due to CTS enabled.

Alternative Solution for the same is.

Create dummy project in system directly via SA38 – RSWBO_AUX_PROJECT

This new dummy project will visible in system & you can save the local TR & continue with the change or upgrade.

Unlock TMSADM user automatically in SAP

While working on STMS, mostly users faced issue that TMSADM user lock continuously in 000 client. Due to this RFC’s stop working & STMS_IMPORT screen is also asking password multiple time.

for coming out from this situation we have developed 1 customise report for unlocking TMSADM automatically.

1. Create 1 report in SE38 (paste the below content) & save it as executable program.
2. Schedule 1 job in SM36 to run every 5 min in 000 client.

Let me know if you face any difficulty or share you comments.


TABLES: usr02.

l_t_usr02 TYPE TABLE OF usr02,
l_s_usr02 TYPE usr02.

CLEAR: l_t_usr02.
bname = ‘TMSADM’ and
uflag in (’64’, ‘128’).

IF l_t_usr02 IS INITIAL.
MESSAGE s306(rsec).

UFLAG = ‘0’
bname = ‘TMSADM’ AND
uflag in (’64’, ‘128’).


SAP STMS – Buffer Cleanup automatically while adding transport

If the STMS buffer cleanup automatically after adding transport & you cannot see any TR in STMS_IMPORT screen and the buffer file shows :

#1/_TASK CLITRELESAPUSER EXL W H A I r0 C r1 0 V R G < K T t r5 umodes ASCL20130828182513000 00000PROJECT P033 A # buffer cleaned on 20160824182513

    You can also find the same thing in TP log. it shows cleanup run in last.


    Please cross check that all systems in STMS Path should be on same transport group – (GROUP_SID). Change the same & redistribute it.

SAP Table TRBAT contains lock entry: LOCKMARK

Yesterday i found that my auto import job in BW system got hanging & continuously running since half an hour. truck icon was there & in “Import Monitor” status is running. There is no other option for me rather then cancelling the import from Import Monitor – Right Click – Delete Entry.

I did some troubleshooting & found that “RDDIMPDP” job is running & finishing with below warning “Table TRBAT contains lock entry: LOCKMARK“.

While checking the both tables in SE16 “TRBAT” & “TRJOB”. i see old entries are exists over there. This need to be delete for overcome this issue. Entries from these tables can be delete from SM30. I did the same & run again “RDDNEWPP” in Client 000 & Productive Client by DDIC or respective user. This will schedule a new “RDDIMPDP” job.

These steps help me to resolve the issue & auto import job is running fine.

Leave comments if this helps you.

SAP Charm Activation issues

Recently some issues has been occurred while working on Charm project creation in solar_project_admin in Solution Manager 7.1

After Activating Change Request Management in System Landscape — Change Management.

Click Refresh – then click Check – Below errors occurred

Error in Red: Domain check found differences

Cause: Difference in definition of Local Domain info & Solution Manager Domain info

Solution: Check the TMS domain in SLD for affected system, it’s showing wrong. go to ABAP system & trigger the latest System DATA to SLD(RZ70). LMDB will fetch the data from SLD then re run the check. issue will be resolved.

Error in Red: Error getting configuration of system

Cause: Related to RFC authorization

Solution: it’s not reading the data from SM_SYSTEM_TMW RFC. Check the authorization of that user SMTMSID in manage system & assign S_RFC role.

Check SAP note – 2225348 – ChaRM check Error getting the Configuration for System

P.S. note: Once you fix the RFC, you need to restart the tx solar_project_admin & click on project & again click on Refresh then check button to verify it should work.

Error in Yellow: TMS check not possible. Project **** not completely configured for QGM

Cause: QGM not configured.

Solution: Ignore the error if you are working on project only for Charm Activation.

Error in Red: CTS Service plug-in not installed in system or cCTS plugin status cannot be retrieved from SID. See Note 1688276

Cause: Parameters not updated in STMS or domain link issue.

Solution: There are different solution for this error, in my case. i have deleted & recreated domain link from Solman to STMS domain controller & update the required Parameters in STMS – Systems — Transport Tool. Redistribute the changes.